• watching Let’s Plays
  • binging cute cat/rat videos
  • drinking coffee
  • eating Kreppel
  • working on my Bullet Journal
  • studying Japanese

I’m not…

  • following every news update
  • reading the comments
  • discussing things with the wrong people
  • sacrificing my mental health to be “well-informed”
  • trying to understand things that make no sense in the first place

This world would be so nice if it didn’t have people

So apparently, MAL was being DDOSed after staff mass-purged a ton of fake accounts that were used to upvote the recent Ishuzoku Reviewers.

Is is just me or is this a new level of insane? People hating something is one thing but doing harm because you aren’t allowed to give a show you like an unfair rating advantage? Nope, I don’t get it.

Hell, I enjoy Ishuzoku Reviewers. It’s a funny and creative show. But even if this was my favourite anime in all eternity, I wouldn’t see the need to bring down an internet site because it doesn’t let me vote for it a million times. Some people really need a life or something.

Oh yeah. I haven’t looked into the whole mess enough to be able to confirm or deny this, but apparently, a (or several) YouTuber actually rallied people to do this? Way to use your influence for good, guys. Sigh.

As for me, I’ll be over here, being part of small, non-toxic communities that – hopefully – don’t do shit like this 😐

Storm update

Re: Windy thing

I made it home before 5 PM (when things were supposed to start getting rough), had dinner (what also made it to my place without incident)

Glad I left a little early after all now that Deutsche Bahn is cancelling everything left and right.

That also means I’ll be able to safely enjoy the weekly Umineko stream a friend of ours has been doing for a few weeks. We’re about to get into the meat of episode 1 so I’m more than hyped for more. And since me and the bf have also appointed (in case some terrible person shows up to ruin the thing for everone) so I’m extra glad I won’t have to miss it. Less than an hour to go. Can’t WAIT…!!!

Tweet of the week

My parents have both given up on trying to make my brother and me move to more “grown-up” stuff now that we’re both successful, working adults (and awesome have partners we met via those “childish” interests). They probably still don’t like the things we’re into but at least they seem to have accepted them since they don’t actually interfere with us being “proper adults” in any way.