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Storm update

Re: Windy thing

I made it home before 5 PM (when things were supposed to start getting rough), had dinner (what also made it to my place without incident)

Glad I left a little early after all now that Deutsche Bahn is cancelling everything left and right.

That also means I’ll be able to safely enjoy the weekly Umineko stream a friend of ours has been doing for a few weeks. We’re about to get into the meat of episode 1 so I’m more than hyped for more. And since me and the bf have also appointed (in case some terrible person shows up to ruin the thing for everone) so I’m extra glad I won’t have to miss it. Less than an hour to go. Can’t WAIT…!!!

Random shit that makes me happy

My favourite doujin singer (Takahito “Rute” Koshida, right) and Zun (left) the guy who is responsible for both the Touhou series of games and its amazing music (and remixes).

Fave YouTubers: Brooke Makenna

Alright. You guys know I love true crime podcasts, yes? Cool!

Nothing like a creepy murder story to entertain you on a boring commute or a monotonous stretch at work (yay for my new job that actually encourages us entering our own little bubbles if we need to). I’ve learned so much and love getting my audio fix from more than just music.

But did you know I also spent ungodly amounts of time watching true crime channels on YouTube? Indeed!

One of my more recent discoveries is Brooke Makenna.

For one, I just love her voice. It’s exactly the kind of soothing tone that makes you relax (which is a bit weird considering she talks about people getting killed or abducted but never mind that XDD). Then, she’s just so sweet and kind to her viewers, despite (or maybe because of?) the scary subject matter. The cases she picks are always interesting, well-researched and narrated.

So if you’re into true crime at all, give her channel a try!

Strange Planet

I git into this clever and hilarious comic last year, just as the book was about to be released.

And then, just as I was buying Christmas presents, I found out that there would be a German translation out in early December and so I gave a copy of that to my dad, who loved it just as I had expected.

The book is amazing (about half of it is comics that were previously unreleased!) and I can also recommend the German version which is really well done, too and I was positively surprised how well the “alienspeak” works in my native language.

I also recommend following Nathan W. Pyle (the artist) on Twitter or Instagram as he posts brand-new pages all the time (like the recent one above).

The challenge is dead…

long live the challenge!!

I’ll post about my favourites of the past season (and possibly of the whole year) a little later. I don’t want to stuff it all into one post, not to mention there are some shows (especially a specific one) I want to give proper consideration to.

Of course, I signed up for the next one right away:

(This will be my ninth seasonal challenge in a row. I think I haven’t missed a single one since A-P started offering them. Go, me XDD)

A list of some of the shows I plan on checking out during winter season is also on the way.

The Gaming Historian: The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3

The Gaming Historian has outdone himself. Again.

I watched this the day it came out but I’m still working on my Bullet Journal setup for 2020 and needing something to run in the background might be a good excuse to give this amazing documentary another spin!

And if you want to find out why Doom and Castle Wolfenstein probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for SMB3, you know where to click *points up*

Ted Talk: Ryder Carroll – How to declutter your mind — keep a journal

Admittedly, I don’t watch TED Talks as much as I probably should (there are only so many hours in a day) but I still felt like sharing this one.

Ryder Carroll is the guy who invented the Bullet Journal method which I’ve been using for about one and a half years (and about which I should probably post way more than I’ve been doing). In this talk, he explains why he needed a way to organize his life, how he devised the system and how it helped him manage his ADD.


People who know me have probably seen me getting obsessed about Caustic Soda, a podcast famous for tackling weird, gross and disturbing subjects in a scientific – and decidedly entertaining – manner. Sadly, the podcast ended last year after more than half a decade and 314 episodes in 7 seasons.

But now, Joe Fulgham, one of the former hosts has finally announced his new podcast Onlightened that will hopefully be able to fill the caustic void in our hearts.

By now, I have listened to the introductory show (aptly titled “episode 0”) twice out of sheer joy. Joe’s plans for Onlightened sound super exciting and I can’t wait to find out where the journey will take us. And it seems that other than Dr. Rob Tarzwell, more of the former CS regulars will join the ride in future shows!

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the first proper episode which, it seems, will be about PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

In the meantime, join me in supporting Joe’s efforts on Patreon!

(Also, thanks to my spellchecker for having no idea whatsoever what a podcast is. SRSLY?!)