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Tweet of the week

My parents have both given up on trying to make my brother and me move to more “grown-up” stuff now that we’re both successful, working adults (and awesome have partners we met via those “childish” interests). They probably still don’t like the things we’re into but at least they seem to have accepted them since they don’t actually interfere with us being “proper adults” in any way.


Conversation sample from Odyssey‘s stream a few days ago:

Fun times ^__^

I’ve been a fan of Trav’s music since before he started making MLP music. His tracks helped with me through some pretty crazy times.

I also used to be a regular on his streams back in 2012-ish but then work and life in general got in the way. Needless to say, I was more than happy to be able to catch one of his streams after such a long time.

Really wouldn’t have thought I’d be playing games with people on the stream and Odyssey himself. Thankfully it was a small group so anyone who wanted to take part in the game got a turn. Oh, one of the current regulars also somehow gifted me a sub ;___;

Too bad time zones usually get in the way but Trav’s Twitch is here just in case.