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Being sad =/= being an asshole

So a few days ago, I received an e-mail from the two girls who run (or ran, see below) Punktkariert* Germany’s biggest Bullet Journal community.

In it, Lea and Theresa announced they won’t be continuing the project any longer (meaning the site will stay online but there won’t be any more new content) and they’ll be shutting down the Facebook group at the end of January as well. They told us they’re planning to concentrate on other aspects of their life (graduating from university and traveling the world).

Obviously, this was a bit of a shock to me – I’d participated in most of their year-end series of online workshops (and a few before that) which was a ton of fun and also recently bought their book which is completely lovely. So yes, definitely not a piece of happy news. However, I’d rather fall over dead than stoop to the level of some of the commenters who inevitably came out of the woodwork after the announcement.

People were like “Why do you spring this on us out of the blue and without warning?” and “It’s like you suddenly felt like doing this without thinking it through” and “This seems fishy, after all the workshops and things you were doing only a few weeks ago” and “Why not just let stuff run itself instead of actually closing down the community?”

I’m sure there’s no correct way to announce something like this. Someone’s always gonna complain. But the accusatory tone some of the people used? Ridiculous. A lot of the material on the page – not to mention the community itself – was free and it takes time to maintain all of that so bitching when people change their priorities (which they’re 150% entitled to doing) is just dumb. Kinda reminded me of why I barely communicate on the ‘net these days and have pretty much given up on the community aspect of fandom. Well, having a full-time job and a household to run probably also has something to do with it but anyway XDD

I myself would like to sincerely thank the two amazing ladies for their work on the site and community. I wish them all the best and hope life and everything else works out wonderfully for them.

* In case you’re wondering, “punktkariert” is simply the German word for the lovely and very useful dot grid that’s prevalent in most BuJos (including all of the ones I have ever used)

Presentable Liberty

I have now seen both of my favourite Let’s Players lose their mind over this game (in typical fashion, Mark getting really angry and frustrated while Jack nearly cried and later tried to add a bit of a conclusion and some advice for his audience).

The little speech that Jack gave at the end of his video was super touching. Having had some experience with suicide/suicidal ideation (both personally and among family/friends) the metaphors this game utilizes are more than accurate and very, very familiar.

While a lot of people sadly have not, I’m glad I made it out and am doing better today than I ever thought I would.

And before anyone asks, yes, I do know that the person who made this game committed suicide. This makes it even more important to look the fuck out for people and reach out to them even if they themselves are unable to.

Oh, and apparently, there’s a sort of prequel game called “Exoptable Money”. I was going to watch Mark’s playthrough of it but it seems it involves the death of an animal (more specifically, a cat) and I don’t think I feel like seeing something like this right now. I know, I should probably check it out to get the full picture but animal death is such a trigger for me (it’s literally the absolute number one thing you could put in any sort of media of you wanted to distress me for days at a time) so I might have to pass this up, at least for the foreseeable future Sorry ^_^;;;