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Dr. Tracey Marks – Understanding Avoidant Personality Disorder

I’ve been diagnosed with APD (and social anxiety but this post is mostly about the former) in 2008. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain to people not suffering from mental illness what this actually entails and what it means for your daily life and the challenges you face.

I haven’t been following Dr. Marks for long (I discovered her via Dr. Grande‘s channel about which I’m going to talk in a separate post – or several – some time in the future) and the video about APD contains some of the most concise and clear descriptions of the disorder I’ve ever seen. I encourage anyone who suffers from – or knows someone who suffers from – avoidant personality disorder to give this video a watch. I’m sure you’ll learn something about yourself or your loved one.

The Gaming Historian: The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3

The Gaming Historian has outdone himself. Again.

I watched this the day it came out but I’m still working on my Bullet Journal setup for 2020 and needing something to run in the background might be a good excuse to give this amazing documentary another spin!

And if you want to find out why Doom and Castle Wolfenstein probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for SMB3, you know where to click *points up*