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This world would be so nice if it didn’t have people

So apparently, MAL was being DDOSed after staff mass-purged a ton of fake accounts that were used to upvote the recent Ishuzoku Reviewers.

Is is just me or is this a new level of insane? People hating something is one thing but doing harm because you aren’t allowed to give a show you like an unfair rating advantage? Nope, I don’t get it.

Hell, I enjoy Ishuzoku Reviewers. It’s a funny and creative show. But even if this was my favourite anime in all eternity, I wouldn’t see the need to bring down an internet site because it doesn’t let me vote for it a million times. Some people really need a life or something.

Oh yeah. I haven’t looked into the whole mess enough to be able to confirm or deny this, but apparently, a (or several) YouTuber actually rallied people to do this? Way to use your influence for good, guys. Sigh.

As for me, I’ll be over here, being part of small, non-toxic communities that – hopefully – don’t do shit like this 😐

Being sad =/= being an asshole

So a few days ago, I received an e-mail from the two girls who run (or ran, see below) Punktkariert* Germany’s biggest Bullet Journal community.

In it, Lea and Theresa announced they won’t be continuing the project any longer (meaning the site will stay online but there won’t be any more new content) and they’ll be shutting down the Facebook group at the end of January as well. They told us they’re planning to concentrate on other aspects of their life (graduating from university and traveling the world).

Obviously, this was a bit of a shock to me – I’d participated in most of their year-end series of online workshops (and a few before that) which was a ton of fun and also recently bought their book which is completely lovely. So yes, definitely not a piece of happy news. However, I’d rather fall over dead than stoop to the level of some of the commenters who inevitably came out of the woodwork after the announcement.

People were like “Why do you spring this on us out of the blue and without warning?” and “It’s like you suddenly felt like doing this without thinking it through” and “This seems fishy, after all the workshops and things you were doing only a few weeks ago” and “Why not just let stuff run itself instead of actually closing down the community?”

I’m sure there’s no correct way to announce something like this. Someone’s always gonna complain. But the accusatory tone some of the people used? Ridiculous. A lot of the material on the page – not to mention the community itself – was free and it takes time to maintain all of that so bitching when people change their priorities (which they’re 150% entitled to doing) is just dumb. Kinda reminded me of why I barely communicate on the ‘net these days and have pretty much given up on the community aspect of fandom. Well, having a full-time job and a household to run probably also has something to do with it but anyway XDD

I myself would like to sincerely thank the two amazing ladies for their work on the site and community. I wish them all the best and hope life and everything else works out wonderfully for them.

* In case you’re wondering, “punktkariert” is simply the German word for the lovely and very useful dot grid that’s prevalent in most BuJos (including all of the ones I have ever used)

Hope springs eternal… maybe

I had to go to the post office today, which is always more fun the closer you get to Christmas.
However, they tried to make things a little less awful by having a lady ask people in the queue whether they had stuff to pick up so she could go and find their packages ahead of time to speed up the procedure once it was our turn. Worked flawlessly.

For a few moments, this made me wonder whether that elusive German efficiency might actually be a thing.

And then, I remembered that

  • in this country, tons of administrative things still have to be done in written form, especially in the medical sector (a recent gripe of mine: sick notes* and, being someone who needs medication regularly, prescriptions – all of these have to be issued on pieces of paper… what the fuck?!)
  • many people (even younger generations) are irrationally, almost aggressively, attached to paper money
  • the prevalence and quality of both high-speed cable and mobile internet is still beyond awful, not to mention the prices (especially for mobile internet) are ridiculous, especially when compared to many other – supposedly – less developed/advanced countries

and couldn’t help but feel a little bit silly ^_^;;;

* for the masochists out there: The proper German word for a sick note is Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung (AU). Cute, huh? XDD