“You made the mess, you clean it up”

Presentable Liberty

I have now seen both of my favourite Let’s Players lose their mind over this game (in typical fashion, Mark getting really angry and frustrated while Jack nearly cried and later tried to add a bit of a conclusion and some advice for his audience).

The little speech that Jack gave at the end of his video was super touching. Having had some experience with suicide/suicidal ideation (both personally and among family/friends) the metaphors this game utilizes are more than accurate and very, very familiar.

While a lot of people sadly have not, I’m glad I made it out and am doing better today than I ever thought I would.

And before anyone asks, yes, I do know that the person who made this game committed suicide. This makes it even more important to look the fuck out for people and reach out to them even if they themselves are unable to.

Oh, and apparently, there’s a sort of prequel game called “Exoptable Money”. I was going to watch Mark’s playthrough of it but it seems it involves the death of an animal (more specifically, a cat) and I don’t think I feel like seeing something like this right now. I know, I should probably check it out to get the full picture but animal death is such a trigger for me (it’s literally the absolute number one thing you could put in any sort of media of you wanted to distress me for days at a time) so I might have to pass this up, at least for the foreseeable future Sorry ^_^;;;

SCP fundraiser reaches goal in 4 days

Wow, the SCP community certainly came through for the Russian branch.

What happened? Quoting from the fundraiser page:

A Russian man has illegally registered an illegitimate trademark for SCP within the Eurasian Customs Union. He has used this trademark to threaten and extort legitimate sellers of SCP merchandise. In addition, he has committed copyright infringement by violating the SCP content license: Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0. We first updated the community about this situation 6 months ago, and now it has escalated.

Gah, I hate when awesome communities like this are being target by douchenozzles. So glad that at this rate, SCP-RU will probably be fine.


Conversation sample from Odyssey‘s stream a few days ago:

Fun times ^__^

I’ve been a fan of Trav’s music since before he started making MLP music. His tracks helped with me through some pretty crazy times.

I also used to be a regular on his streams back in 2012-ish but then work and life in general got in the way. Needless to say, I was more than happy to be able to catch one of his streams after such a long time.

Really wouldn’t have thought I’d be playing games with people on the stream and Odyssey himself. Thankfully it was a small group so anyone who wanted to take part in the game got a turn. Oh, one of the current regulars also somehow gifted me a sub ;___;

Too bad time zones usually get in the way but Trav’s Twitch is here just in case.

Pokémon Sword & Shield Is Not A Metaphor For Brexit

Oh dear.

A very big company going to mind-boggling lengths to protects its assets… who woulda thunk. So surprised!

(BTW, I don’t have my copy of the game ¹ yet. I’m in no rush to start and, considering how many games I have lying around here that I have barely played – if at all – that might actually be a good thing *__*)

¹ I’ll be getting Shield, obv. – I love myself an underdog 😉

My life, 2010-2019

  • managed to leave the person who treated me horribly, destroyed what little life I had and nearly made me kill myself (2010)
  • found a job after dropping out of university, all the while helping my family get through my mum’s cancer diagnosis and (thankfully, successful) operation (2013)
  • graduated vocational school, passed my job exams and got hired full time at that same company (2015)
  • started dating a wonderful person who treats me well and loves me the way I am and spent (and am still spending) the best time of my life with them (2015)
  • after struggling for more than two years, found a fantastic job closer to where said person lives and moved to where I am today (2018)