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In Loving Memory of Terry J (1 Feb 1942 – 21 Jan 2020)

I love Monty Python. Always have, always will.

The Meaning of Life was one of the first things I ever watched in English while still in High School. I’ve seen all episodes of Flying Circus more times than I can remember (and, amusingly, know them and their works waaay better than my – British – boyfriend XDD).

Their surreal, weird and entertaining antics made me laugh when I was feeling lonely. I don’t think I’d be where (and who) I am had it not been for them and Monty Python would clearly not haven been what it was without the naked guy at the piano.

Thanks for all you’ve done, Mr. J!

Dr. Tracey Marks – Understanding Avoidant Personality Disorder

I’ve been diagnosed with APD (and social anxiety but this post is mostly about the former) in 2008. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain to people not suffering from mental illness what this actually entails and what it means for your daily life and the challenges you face.

I haven’t been following Dr. Marks for long (I discovered her via Dr. Grande‘s channel about which I’m going to talk in a separate post – or several – some time in the future) and the video about APD contains some of the most concise and clear descriptions of the disorder I’ve ever seen. I encourage anyone who suffers from – or knows someone who suffers from – avoidant personality disorder to give this video a watch. I’m sure you’ll learn something about yourself or your loved one.

Fave YouTubers: Brooke Makenna

Alright. You guys know I love true crime podcasts, yes? Cool!

Nothing like a creepy murder story to entertain you on a boring commute or a monotonous stretch at work (yay for my new job that actually encourages us entering our own little bubbles if we need to). I’ve learned so much and love getting my audio fix from more than just music.

But did you know I also spent ungodly amounts of time watching true crime channels on YouTube? Indeed!

One of my more recent discoveries is Brooke Makenna.

For one, I just love her voice. It’s exactly the kind of soothing tone that makes you relax (which is a bit weird considering she talks about people getting killed or abducted but never mind that XDD). Then, she’s just so sweet and kind to her viewers, despite (or maybe because of?) the scary subject matter. The cases she picks are always interesting, well-researched and narrated.

So if you’re into true crime at all, give her channel a try!

The Gaming Historian: The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3

The Gaming Historian has outdone himself. Again.

I watched this the day it came out but I’m still working on my Bullet Journal setup for 2020 and needing something to run in the background might be a good excuse to give this amazing documentary another spin!

And if you want to find out why Doom and Castle Wolfenstein probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for SMB3, you know where to click *points up*

Presentable Liberty

I have now seen both of my favourite Let’s Players lose their mind over this game (in typical fashion, Mark getting really angry and frustrated while Jack nearly cried and later tried to add a bit of a conclusion and some advice for his audience).

The little speech that Jack gave at the end of his video was super touching. Having had some experience with suicide/suicidal ideation (both personally and among family/friends) the metaphors this game utilizes are more than accurate and very, very familiar.

While a lot of people sadly have not, I’m glad I made it out and am doing better today than I ever thought I would.

And before anyone asks, yes, I do know that the person who made this game committed suicide. This makes it even more important to look the fuck out for people and reach out to them even if they themselves are unable to.

Oh, and apparently, there’s a sort of prequel game called “Exoptable Money”. I was going to watch Mark’s playthrough of it but it seems it involves the death of an animal (more specifically, a cat) and I don’t think I feel like seeing something like this right now. I know, I should probably check it out to get the full picture but animal death is such a trigger for me (it’s literally the absolute number one thing you could put in any sort of media of you wanted to distress me for days at a time) so I might have to pass this up, at least for the foreseeable future Sorry ^_^;;;

Kizuna Ai

Apparently, being home sick is a good opportunity to pick up new obsessions so here’s my newest one: Kizuna Ai!

Supposedly, she’s an AI/virtual YouTuber but let’s face it, what’s actually behind the character is simply an actress being motion captured and then animated , most likely using good old MMD.

I’m still in the middle of checking out more of her videos but so far, my favourite is this one where she tries out a game that gives you 20 seconds to draw a random thing and then scores your attempt a success or failure depending on whether Google’s AI was able to guess what it was. Click “CC” and then “settings/English” on this and most of her other videos for surprisingly decent subs!

A lot of this feels very improv-ish which, let’s face it, is probably the main reason why I’m finding her stuff so entertaining. I also really want to know who her seiyuu is. She’s amazing!

It also serves as a reminder – or a first impression – of just how little sense Japanese people can actually make of romaji in many cases. Still laughing about “ambulance”/”unbalance”. Awwww.

Finally – links!

Kizuna Ai Youtube channel

Kizuna Ai official website

Kizuna Ai Twitter