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Storm update

Re: Windy thing

I made it home before 5 PM (when things were supposed to start getting rough), had dinner (what also made it to my place without incident)

Glad I left a little early after all now that Deutsche Bahn is cancelling everything left and right.

That also means I’ll be able to safely enjoy the weekly Umineko stream a friend of ours has been doing for a few weeks. We’re about to get into the meat of episode 1 so I’m more than hyped for more. And since me and the bf have also appointed (in case some terrible person shows up to ruin the thing for everone) so I’m extra glad I won’t have to miss it. Less than an hour to go. Can’t WAIT…!!!

In Loving Memory of Terry J (1 Feb 1942 – 21 Jan 2020)

I love Monty Python. Always have, always will.

The Meaning of Life was one of the first things I ever watched in English while still in High School. I’ve seen all episodes of Flying Circus more times than I can remember (and, amusingly, know them and their works waaay better than my – British – boyfriend XDD).

Their surreal, weird and entertaining antics made me laugh when I was feeling lonely. I don’t think I’d be where (and who) I am had it not been for them and Monty Python would clearly not haven been what it was without the naked guy at the piano.

Thanks for all you’ve done, Mr. J!

Well, that went absolutely terribly in every way possible

Sooo, on New Year’s Eve, best bf and me I ruined one of my two remaining kitchen bowls by the way of the rogue wax – I swear, lead pouring* was somehow less destructive back when it involved real lead. Anyway. I decided to grab a new set on amazon, hoping it’d be the usual painless “ordered on Wednesday, received on Friday” kind of affair.

However, today, when I came back from work, this had happened:

Cool. I had a problem like this last year and the package never resurfaced. At least this time, it’s something I’m getting for myself instead of a goddamn birthday present. That was rather annoying 😐

By far my favourite part of this passive-aggressive little message is the bit at the end, where DHL is making sure to remind you that your shit is probably fucked and you have no means whatsoever to do anything about it.

This is also indicative of the very German sentiment of “You’re our customer and we depend on you because you make us money but we actually hate your guts and would rather not have to deal with you at all”. That or “It’s us who screwed up but we’ll make you feel bad about it because – you guessed it – we hate you”.

Guess I’ll wait for a few days to see what happens but right now, it looks like “Ordering New Bowls, The Unnecessary But Entirely Inevitable Sequel” will be on the agenda shortly.

* A little custom we Germans like to partake in on New Year’s Eve, whereby you pour molten wax (or lead, before we knew health was a thing) into a bowl of water and try to identify the shape it makes, divining your future for the coming year… either that or making a horrible mess and not finding the thing you made on the little solutions sheet that comes with the kit (Yes, I think that’s more what actually happens). The German word for is is “Bleigießen” – or “Wachsgießen” for the modern, hopefully less poisonous version.

Trade talks, a prediction

Painful but not exactly unrealistic 😐

I feel kinda bad for having laughed at some of these as much as I did.

German cabinet approves strict ban on gay cure therapy

Late but still.

I’m… still a bit disturbed about the exception for 16 to 18 year olds they were considering (Pinknews doesn’t even mention this but other sites do, like this one) but that had been scrapped from the proposition before they voted on it. My god. I can’t think of a single justification for something like that, on the contrary. It hurts to even think of the damage something like conversion therapy can do at such a crucial age.

Anyway, props to Mr. Spahn and the Bundestag for getting this important piece of legislation underway.

SCP fundraiser reaches goal in 4 days

Wow, the SCP community certainly came through for the Russian branch.

What happened? Quoting from the fundraiser page:

A Russian man has illegally registered an illegitimate trademark for SCP within the Eurasian Customs Union. He has used this trademark to threaten and extort legitimate sellers of SCP merchandise. In addition, he has committed copyright infringement by violating the SCP content license: Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0. We first updated the community about this situation 6 months ago, and now it has escalated.

Gah, I hate when awesome communities like this are being target by douchenozzles. So glad that at this rate, SCP-RU will probably be fine.