The challenge is dead…

long live the challenge!!

I’ll post about my favourites of the past season (and possibly of the whole year) a little later. I don’t want to stuff it all into one post, not to mention there are some shows (especially a specific one) I want to give proper consideration to.

Of course, I signed up for the next one right away:

(This will be my ninth seasonal challenge in a row. I think I haven’t missed a single one since A-P started offering them. Go, me XDD)

A list of some of the shows I plan on checking out during winter season is also on the way.

My 2020 Bullet Journal

I had planned to use a Perfectly Penned journal for my 2020 BuJo but the (not sure whether production error or on purpose) turned out to be a massive deal breaker and so I decided to get the journal I’d wanted to get in the first place. Here it is:

It’s by nuuna (a German stationary company who are actually located in Frankfurt am Main, which is right next to where I live). Hope you like the silly writing on the cover and back. I sure do.

It’s a bit of an odd size (slightly taller and quite a bit wider than A5) but that gives me more space to write. Speaking of space, the spacing between the dots is 3 mm instead of the standard 5 which I love. I can squeeze in much more writing and make more elaborate and varied spreads. I’m not too concerned about the lack of a pouch and ribbons as I barely use these anyway. Something it does come with, however, is a small calendar/bookmark (as seen on the third photo) – it even has the week numbers printed on it which I desperately need for my planning (a habit that most likely stuck from my old job). The paper quality, strangely, is both better and worse when compared to the Scribbles that Matter journal I used for the second half of 2019. Let me explain. On the one hand, stuff does bleed through quite a bit. On the other hand, the ink from my black pigment liners dries super quickly, which was not the case with the which had some sort of special coating that turned it into smudge hell.

Overall, lots of cool aspects but also a few drawbacks. But then, this just proves my theory that these is no such thing as the perfect journal. Either way, I’m looking forward to starting my year with this new companion.

I’m still setting this bad boy up and having a blast. Might show some of my spreads before the new year begins. Happy #Bujo-ing ^__^

Trade talks, a prediction

Painful but not exactly unrealistic 😐

I feel kinda bad for having laughed at some of these as much as I did.

The Gaming Historian: The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3

The Gaming Historian has outdone himself. Again.

I watched this the day it came out but I’m still working on my Bullet Journal setup for 2020 and needing something to run in the background might be a good excuse to give this amazing documentary another spin!

And if you want to find out why Doom and Castle Wolfenstein probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for SMB3, you know where to click *points up*

Hope springs eternal… maybe

I had to go to the post office today, which is always more fun the closer you get to Christmas.
However, they tried to make things a little less awful by having a lady ask people in the queue whether they had stuff to pick up so she could go and find their packages ahead of time to speed up the procedure once it was our turn. Worked flawlessly.

For a few moments, this made me wonder whether that elusive German efficiency might actually be a thing.

And then, I remembered that

  • in this country, tons of administrative things still have to be done in written form, especially in the medical sector (a recent gripe of mine: sick notes* and, being someone who needs medication regularly, prescriptions – all of these have to be issued on pieces of paper… what the fuck?!)
  • many people (even younger generations) are irrationally, almost aggressively, attached to paper money
  • the prevalence and quality of both high-speed cable and mobile internet is still beyond awful, not to mention the prices (especially for mobile internet) are ridiculous, especially when compared to many other – supposedly – less developed/advanced countries

and couldn’t help but feel a little bit silly ^_^;;;

* for the masochists out there: The proper German word for a sick note is Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung (AU). Cute, huh? XDD

German cabinet approves strict ban on gay cure therapy

Late but still.

I’m… still a bit disturbed about the exception for 16 to 18 year olds they were considering (Pinknews doesn’t even mention this but other sites do, like this one) but that had been scrapped from the proposition before they voted on it. My god. I can’t think of a single justification for something like that, on the contrary. It hurts to even think of the damage something like conversion therapy can do at such a crucial age.

Anyway, props to Mr. Spahn and the Bundestag for getting this important piece of legislation underway.

Ted Talk: Ryder Carroll – How to declutter your mind — keep a journal

Admittedly, I don’t watch TED Talks as much as I probably should (there are only so many hours in a day) but I still felt like sharing this one.

Ryder Carroll is the guy who invented the Bullet Journal method which I’ve been using for about one and a half years (and about which I should probably post way more than I’ve been doing). In this talk, he explains why he needed a way to organize his life, how he devised the system and how it helped him manage his ADD.

“You made the mess, you clean it up”