New blog~!


So… now that the recent Livejournal events have managed to drive even me away, the question of how, where and in which language to blog from now on has kinda solved itself.

Still not quite sure about the particulars of this place but for now, I decided to just write about whatever, whenever I feel like. Admittedly, I really miss writing outside of work and now that I have a little bit of time to spare, I figured why not?

Don’t expect regular updates (I do have some sort of a life after all which mostly includes being at work 50 hours a week) but I’ll try not to let this blog die quite as painfully as the last one.

I plan to add more non-entry content (some personal info, maybe a small FAQ, more links to blogs and/or other places on the internet I enjoy visiting) as well so stay tuned for that!

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