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Kizuna Ai

Apparently, being home sick is a good opportunity to pick up new obsessions so here’s my newest one: Kizuna Ai!

Supposedly, she’s an AI/virtual YouTuber but let’s face it, what’s actually behind the character is simply an actress being motion captured and then animated , most likely using good old MMD.

I’m still in the middle of checking out more of her videos but so far, my favourite is this one where she tries out a game that gives you 20 seconds to draw a random thing and then scores your attempt a success or failure depending on whether Google’s AI was able to guess what it was. Click “CC” and then “settings/English” on this and most of her other videos for surprisingly decent subs!

A lot of this feels very improv-ish which, let’s face it, is probably the main reason why I’m finding her stuff so entertaining. I also really want to know who her seiyuu is. She’s amazing!

It also serves as a reminder – or a first impression – of just how little sense Japanese people can actually make of romaji in many cases. Still laughing about “ambulance”/”unbalance”. Awwww.

Finally – links!

Kizuna Ai Youtube channel

Kizuna Ai official website

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